Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC was conceived in the mind of God before the foundations of the world. While Asuquo Effiong was fighting in a civil war in the country of Nigeria, God ordained him to be the Pastor of Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC in the far away city of Harrisburg, PA.  He knew that Pastor Effiong would marry a stunningly beautiful young woman from the hills of Pittsburgh—Kim and they would become the parents of four wonderful children—Asuquo Jr., Adia, Aaron and Andrew.  God knew that when Mother Thelma Wright was the director of vacation bible school at Emmanuel COGIC located on the West Side of Steelton, PA that she was going to be the prayer warrior and a great help to this ministry.  God knew that a little girl from Philadelphia— Rachel Gibbs– would become a staff member of Christian Bible Institute and would assist this Pastor.  God knew that Shekinah Glory Ministries would be birthed out of Christian Bible Institute. In His infinite wisdom, God foreknew the destiny and purpose of this ministry well before time began.


The Lord began preparing Elder Asuquo O. Effiong to pastor while serving at the Church in the Round under the leadership of Bishop Melvin E. Clark of Aliquippa, PA, as the leader of the Men’s Fellowship at the Shiloh COGIC under the leadership of the late Pastor Carl E. Hines, Jr. for nineteen years and after serving with Pastor William M. Hines, Sr. of C.E. Hines Memorial COGIC for one year, both in Harrisburg, PA.


While serving as director of Christian Bible Institute in Harrisburg, PA, one Thursday evening during class, the word of the Lord came and spoke to him, strongly saying, “THE TIME IS NOW!” Within three weeks, Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC was birthed officially on Sunday, October 19th, 2008. Our first service was held at the Holiday Inn East 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA at 4 pm with nearly 200 people in attendance. During our first official worship service, God spoke to Pastor Effiong and said “the Glory of the Lord will be present in every service”.  The Lord has been faithful.  He has been present in every service.  The love of God has been clearly displayed among the congregation.  During our first month of Worship services, Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC established its first membership of 13 people. As we continue to grow, members fellowship along with our visitors, from house to house breaking bread and encouraging one another.  Sis. Kimberly Effiong greets the congregation and visitors with a warm spirit of hospitality.  Sis. Rachel Gibbs works closely and assists the Pastor while Evang. Gloria Barnes administrates the business affairs for the church.  Mother Thelma O. Wright continues to be a great support through prayer and as a spiritual mother to the Pastor and Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC.


From the very beginning, Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC established an active Sunday School where the Word of God is taught and the Holy Spirit confirms Himself almost every Sunday from each lesson learned.  Evang. Michele King serves and prepares each Sunday morning lesson.  In the summer, the young people of Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC began meeting and planning the development of Youth Ministry. The Youth had their first 4th Sunday youth service on July 26th, 2009 and their first guest speaker was Eld. Fernandus Moffitt of Mt. Calvary COGIC in Harrisburg, PA. The youth were encouraged and have been on fire ever since.


During that Sunday morning service, the Lord spoke to Pastor Effiong to have a Tent Revival Service at 6th & McClay Streets in Harrisburg, Pa.  At this time, Shekinah Glory Ministries COGIC had few members and limited funds, but Pastor Effiong continued to believe God for a Tent Revival Service. Pastor Effiong believes that the just shall live by faith. On September 15th 2009, the members of Shekinah Glory rallied around the faith of our Pastor and the Tent went up. The theme of the revival was JESUS SAVES! The presence of God drew men and women from the community to the tent. People came and were blessed, some healed, and others saved and delivered from drugs and alcohol. The power of God was manifested at the tent and the Glory of God was revealed every night and during the noonday prayer led by Mother Wright. The tent lasted for two weeks which laid the foundation for souls to be saved, lives to be healed and prayer of deliverance to be carried on. To God Be The Glory.